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USE IT – University of Birmingham interns map tourism social enterprise opportunity

This year iSE has taken on two promising young students to gain experience and help develop their interest in the social economy through the Birmingham delivery of the UIA USE IT programme. For the past 8 years, the University of Birmingham has run a placement programme for final year geography students through their Careers Network. This programme offers students the

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Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery now throughout the UK – how Jericho helps

The National Crime Agency now believe that there are tens of thousands of victims of modern slavery in the UK – in “every large town and city in the country”. Find out how The Jericho Foundation are working to enable the victims of modern slavery to end their dependency on benefits, secure sustainable employment and become an inclusive and integrated part of their local community.

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Dressing the unemployed ready for success

When going for a job interview everyone wants to make a good first impression.  But what if you’ve been unemployed for a long time or you’re struggling to get by on benefits; the expense of buying a smart interview outfit can be beyond many people’s reach leaving them feeling defeated before they’ve even filled in a job application form. Niall

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