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“Everywhere I’ve gone, I’ve been someone’s project” [Part 1/5: An Impossible Start to Life]

John’s life has been one of violence, abuse and institutions – but scratch the surface and you see resilience, recovery and the chance of a new life. In part 1, John reflects on his childhood and some of the key barriers he and his peers faced growing up.

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How Shaun turned his back on an abusive childhood and the revolving door of prison

Turning his back on an abusive childhood and the revolving door of prison with the help of the ‘No Wrong Door Network’ Walking out with a new hope Shaun Kelly is 48 years old.  After an abusive childhood he spiraled out of control as a teenager, getting expelled from school at 15 and kicked out of his home at about

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Dressing the unemployed ready for success

When going for a job interview everyone wants to make a good first impression.  But what if you’ve been unemployed for a long time or you’re struggling to get by on benefits; the expense of buying a smart interview outfit can be beyond many people’s reach leaving them feeling defeated before they’ve even filled in a job application form. Niall

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