Green paper sets out vision for a cohesive, inclusive and welcoming Birmingham

Tristan ChatfieldCouncillor Tristan Chatfield, Cabinet Member – Social Inclusion, Community Safety & Equalities, invites individuals and organisations to put forward their views on the the City’s Community Cohesion Strategy green paper.

“I am delighted to attach the Community Cohesion Strategy green paper.

The Community Cohesion strategy green paper invites views on a vision for Birmingham that promotes a welcoming city, where people from all backgrounds get on with each other and everyone has an opportunity to contribute and benefit from the success of the city.

In developing our approach to cohesion we must not shy away from some of the difficult social issues Birmingham faces that have an impact on cohesion. Although these are not unique to our city, they are complex challenges and they are rapidly evolving. Birmingham should lead by example in challenging anything that prevents our citizens from reaching their full potential, including discrimination, poverty, segregation or a lack of ambition.

The green paper sets out a framework for how, collectively, as individuals, communities, the voluntary sector, public sector, businesses and other organisations, we can make a difference. There are a number of areas we would like to consult on:

  • The vision of a future, cohesive Birmingham;
  • Eight proposed principles to promote community cohesion across the city;
  • The role of businesses, public sector agencies, communities, faith organisations, schools, further and higher education providers;
  • How can we best capture and celebrate Birmingham’s achievements, identify new challenges and learn from excellent practice in the city?

We do not want a conversation limited to a few public sector and voluntary community organisations. That is why we have planned with partners and community organisations a series of focused discussions and social media to capture the widest views from people from across Birmingham.

The feedback we receive from you or your organisation will help shape an approach for Birmingham to deliver community cohesion together. It is through shared leadership, responsibility and commitment between communities, public and private sector organisations that will make the greatest impact.

We’re interested in having face to face discussions but you can also find the link to the online consultation, as well as the full green paper strategy and a summary version, here:

I look forward to hearing your views and working together to deliver this important agenda.”

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