BVSC staff complete Team Challenge at St. Peter’s Housing Association

By Stephanie Bloxham (

On Thursday 19th April, staff from BVSC carried out a fantastic team challenge at St Peters Housing Association (Saltley), the last part of a project funded through the Tesco Bags of Help scheme.

It was a glorious day and sun cream was generously applied! Volunteers from BVSC joined many of the residents and staff at St Peters Housing to really brighten up the outside spaces even more.

Everyone worked tirelessly throughout the day. There was a mixture of planting hanging baskets, clay pots, troughs and a bedding area with lots of colourful plants – as well as clearing overgrown greenery.

We are also constructing a large picnic table with 2 wheelchair spaces, to enable residents to sit together outside as well as carry out future gardening activities.

You can view images of the day here:

Team Challenge - St Peters Housing - 19.04.2018

It was wonderful seeing so many people come together, which has been a huge priority of the project and encourage more social activities at St Peters Housing going forwards.

Now they have some lovely bright spaces to enjoy – thank you to everyone involved!

Team Challenge Birmingham is a programme managed by BVSC that offers a fully facilitated package of community action volunteering for the business sector. 

We are looking for a variety of large practical projects for teams of up to 40 business volunteers to carry out over one or more days. These could include anything from indoor painting and decorating to basic carpentry projects and from pond clearance to outdoor artwork.

Projects must benefit the community, be sustainable and result in a visible change that will positively impact users’ experiences.

More information:


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