Urgent message: Severe weather and rough sleeping in Birmingham

Recently, we’ve seen some very severe weather across the UK – with below freezing temperatures, significant snow and blizzards.

These weather conditions are a very real threat to the health and even life of Birmingham’s large population of rough sleepers.

Below is a message from Birmingham City Council, detailing the provisions in place for rough sleepers during the severe weather:

We have increased the emergency provision that is place during the severe weather, to provide hot food and drink with warm spaces for #roughsleepers. Every night we have more than 60 spaces available from a number of homeless providers across the city, together with our Outreach service offering support. No deposits or payments are needed to access these services

  • Outreach service and support services are making sure individuals are aware they can take this up should they want to.
  • If you see someone bedded down please refer to Streetlink: https://www.streetlink.org.uk
  • If the person needs urgent medical attention call 999.
  • Please be mindful that not everyone you see is actually rough sleeping.

Please share this message across social media and other networks.

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