Bringing children in Birmingham and the Black Country closer to nature

I’d like to introduce you to a team of volunteers that are helping the RPSB bring thousands of children closer to nature in the Midlands through the RPSB Schools Outreach project.

John used to be an assistant head teacher, Alison taught in school for 20 years, whilst Jane still teaches part time. However, Janet was a doctor, Keith managed a garage for The Post Office, Rob was a student in Ancient History when he joined the team and Matt has just graduated in Zoology.

This diverse bunch of people have one thing in common – they love introducing children to the wildlife that can be found in school grounds.

Over the last year, the Schools Outreach team met more than 13,000 students, and led sessions in hundreds of primary schools and nurseries.


RSPB Schools Outreach sponsored by ALDI. Bioblitz session, Year 3 class, Livingstone Primary and Nursery School, New Barnet, Hertfordshire, January 2016

Each session kicks off with a simple presentation to set the scene but we try to spend most of the time outside getting the children to look at their school grounds slightly differently. The children might be doing a Bioblitz session where they use simple equipment and Spot It sheets to find out what wildlife is sharing the school grounds with them. The Reception and Early Years children love our bespoke story books which introduce them to the wildlife of their school grounds.


RSPB/ALDI Schools Outreach Programme, Early Years Activities, reception class session with Nicky Thomas – RSPB Early Years Project Officer, London, July

Do you live in Birmingham and the Black Country? Would you like to join this team? We are always looking for new volunteers to both lead and support our sessions. Or could you just help us by letting your local school know what is available?

All the information is on the volunteering pages of the RSPB Website. Contact Schools Outreach Officer for Birmingham and the Black Country.


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