Less but better – Making 2018 count

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How was Christmas? Over indulged? Too much TV, food, drink and family? And the thought of new years resolutions as well as preparing for budgets at work. I know, sometimes you just don’t know where to start.

Well let 2018 be a different year for you. This year let’s focus and do what Greg McKeown in his excellent book entitled “Essentialism: The disciplined pursuit of less” calls having a life of less but better.

Spend a bit of time (come on you can find 45 minutes even if it is on the bus home) to start to clarify what is the most important in your work and your life and start, albeit slowly, reducing the 1000s of less important clutter.

By doing this your quality will go up and your stress will go down.

To start to do this we have to learn to say no, first to ourselves.

Stop offering yourself for every project, or night out and start to FOCUS on the vital few things you need to do excellently.

Second if you find it to difficult to say no to colleagues try the following: “I would love to but…. I need to finish this work by Friday so can we talk again next week”. Or if it is your manager, “I would love to, which of my current priorities (and list them) should I delay”?

Finally as you begin to focus on the essentials start reducing your life one item at a time.

Each month find something to stop. It might be easy such as an internet subscription or a bit harder such as a report to write or read or a meeting you have to attend. And link this with reducing your possessions, one at a time. January is a great month to reduce the clutter in your home so start there.

It is that time of year for the so called new year resolutions so this could easily be your one and only one to do and have a less but better approach to help make your 2018 successful.

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Rob runs regular Leadership and Management workshops at BVSC. Browse BVSC’s full programme.

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