BVSC’s new social enterprise helps communities by supporting the business sector

By Brian Carr, Chief Executive Officer, Birmingham Voluntary Service Council

In an environment where social pressures are growing and resources are scarce, Birmingham’s Voluntary Service Council has come up with an innovative way of enabling local businesses to make a difference – whilst going about their “business as usual”.

BVSC has been providing popular and cost-effective professional back office services to local charities for several years. These services – which include a payroll bureau, finance services, and HR consultancy and advice – enable community groups to focus their resources on the direct activities that achieve their aims, rather than becoming bogged down in administration requirements.

BVSC is now offering this service to the wider business sector through its newly-launched social enterprise, BVSC Business Solutions.

Now SMEs and local private sector companies will have the option of outsourcing their support needs to BVSC Business Solutions whilst meeting their own corporate social responsibility objectives – because all profits generated through the enterprise are ploughed back into resourcing BVSC’s charitable aims of providing support to local community groups and volunteers.

As well as generalist support for voluntary organisations, BVSC’s services directly support disadvantaged young people, isolated older people, and adults working to overcome homelessness, offending, substance misuse, and mental ill-health.

BVSC’s Chief Executive Brian Carr said: “We are often approached by businesses looking for ways to make a wider contribution to social good in Birmingham.

Now, in addition to our established employee volunteering and skills brokerage programmes for private sector companies, we are offering businesses the opportunity to purchase from a local social enterprise that actively generates income to support voluntary and community action throughout the city.

They can access high quality back office support at the same time as helping us to achieve real social good in local communities.”

The professional services delivered through BVSC Solutions can be tailored to unique business needs, and the level of support can be scaled up or down as required. The refreshed suite of services was officially launched at the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce Autumn Expo at Aston Villa Football Club on 27th October.

For more on BVSC Business Solutions, visit:

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