UpRising celebrates first ever Find Your Voice Programme!

Over the last month, staff members in Birmingham have been working on the pilot of one our newest programmes at UpRising, Find Your Voice!

The programme brought together 15 young people from across the West Midlands, interested in developing themselves and becoming champions of their local community. During the three week programme, participants heard from a range of influential leaders in Birmingham, and also had the opportunity to produce a digital campaign featuring a professional film about issues they care about.

“Sad to say it’s over now, but I have faith that everyone that I met will either continue to stay in contact or go on to become the most amazing individuals. I have loved every single minute, even the early mornings, because I was waking up to do something I enjoyed.”

Kimberleigh Logan, participant

The pilot programme culminated in a graduation and community question time event: Our Voice. Our Voice is a youth led question time featuring leaders in the city, also offering a chance to celebrate the three weeks that members of Find Your Voice dedicated to making change within themselves and their community.

On the night, participants showcased their digital campaign videos to attendees, highlighting their passions and interests. You can watch their campaign videos here:

During the evening, we also heard from four activists in the Birmingham area, who then sat down and were questioned by the young people on the programme, as well as the wider audience of 60 stakeholders and supporters of UpRising.

A big thank you to Cllr. Kerry Jenkins, Councillor in Hall Green, Rich Dawson of Birmingham Voluntary Service Council, Khakan Qureshi of South Asian LGBT & Midland Heart and Beatfreeks Youth Steering Committee member Nyanda Foday, who took part in our panel on the night.

The first Find Your Voice programme has been a huge success, building strong foundations for the future programmes in the West Midlands. Over the next three years UpRising will deliver future Find Your Voice programmes, building on the achievements of the last month.

The programme is funded through the ‘Youth Innovation Fund’ which we recently announced we’re one of 86 youth organisations to have been awarded a share of the £40 million fund from the Department of Culture Media and Sport. You can also read more about the funding for the programme here.

The next Find Your Voice programme will take place in February 2018, during the February half term, Monday 19th – Friday 23rd, from 10.00am – 4.30pm.

UpRising are on the hunt for 20 future heroes from the West Midlands to shake things up. If that is you, or you know someone who fits the description you want to refer, follow the link and register interest now!

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