Churches don’t need marketing – or do they?

By Roger Bauckham of Nexgen Marketing Ltd

I spoke to someone recently, explaining that I was helping a church with their marketing, and he replied “Oh, so do churches have websites then?”

So, this got me thinking… I guess most people’s perception of a church is that old building with a pointy roof, where people go on a Sunday – plus maybe for christenings, weddings and funerals.

I have to say, as a practising Christian, that’s not how I see it. In fact, “the church” is not the building at all, it is in fact “the people” – so straight away, you can see that churches have something of a perception problem.

Ok, so getting back to my original question – do churches need marketing? – well yes, of course they do! Any organisation that wants to change the public’s perception, tell people about their mission, publicise events and support people needs to communicate with people.

And that is where marketing comes in – contemporary, Digital, 21st century marketing.

So, what can a church do to improve their Marketing? – here are my 5 top tips:

  1. Get a strong logo and brand – you’ll need this to go on your website, posters, media channels, etc, so get a good logo designed by a professional.
  2. Register a domain and get a website – and don’t forget that this needs to look good and be attractive to the sort of people you want to join your church – make sure it looks great on smart phones as well!
  3. Invest in well-designed visual display materials – remember when someone walks into your church, their first impression is the one that will last – so make sure that your visual communication messages speak to the people you want to engage with.
  4. Use social media – This is one of the most common ways that people discover more about organisations they are interested in – don’t ignore this important marketing channel.
  5. Understand your audience – Be clear about who you are targeting – gain a good understanding of the people you want to attract, where they live, their interests, and what will make them want to visit.

Churches and other faith organisations have a big part to play in today’s society, but they also need to be relevant and communicate in a way that is modern, contemporary and distinctive.

Roger Bauckham, Nexgen Marketing Ltd,, Tel : 07514 262213

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