Lights, Camera, Action: The Springfield Project on Film!

The Springfield Project in Sparkhill helps hundreds of families in the local area through children’s centre services as well as providing activities and support to adults by reducing isolation and alleviating the effects of poverty. The project has a strong Christian ethos and holds a vision that every child, young person, parent and adult in the community should have the opportunity to reach their full potential in life.

With such a diverse portfolio of work and in an increasingly difficult funding climate, they decided a film would be the best way to capture the ethos of the project and promote the work that they do.

Watch the film here: 

Abigail Johnson, Communications Officer said: “We knew other charities had successfully used films to showcase their work and knew it could benefit us too. After researching local production companies, we came across Iconic Productions and after meeting with their director, Sam Lockyer, it was clear they truly understood the aims of the project and how to reflect them.”

Having a film crew based at the project for a full week did bring about some logistical problems. There were timetable clashes, issues with space, the need to find willing participants for interviews and the need for female film crew for the women only classes. However, all these hurdles were easily overcome with support from Iconic who put everyone at ease and were flexible and professional throughout. The project were touched by the enthusiasm of service users who couldn’t wait to share their stories on film and demonstrate the positive impact The Springfield Project had on their lives.

Sue Round, Deputy CEO of The Springfield Project was thrilled with the final product: “We are so proud of the film Iconic Productions made for us. It shows the heart of our project in an engaging and compelling way. As well as putting  it on our website to clearly show what we do and being able to show it to staff, Trustees and volunteers at our Away Day, we’ve been able to use the film at presentations and meetings with potential funders and supporters. We’ve also been able to share it using social media to raise our profile. Although it can seem a daunting process at first, the outcome has been completely positive and well worthwhile.”

For more information about The Springfield Project visit:

To find out more about Iconic Productions, visit:

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