BVSC calls out for votes to bag a share of Tesco fund

BVSC and St Peters Housing Association (Saltley) have been successfully selected as one of the three local projects to take part in Tesco’s Bags of Help scheme!

Tesco is working in partnership with Groundwork UK to create a grant scheme which enables local communities throughout the UK to receive up to £5,000 towards projects benefiting the local community, and it does this by using the funds raised from the 5p bag levy.

How does the scheme work? Well each project will receive a grant of either £5,000 (1st place), £2,000 (2nd place) or £1,000 (3rd place), depending on the number of votes received. Voting takes places in designated local stores, where customers are given a token when they buy their shopping, regardless of whether they have purchased a bag or not, and they then place the token into the voting unit for their preferred project. It’s as simple as that! You will find a list below of the stores where you can go and vote today!

BVSC has partnered with St Peters Housing Association and plans to deliver three Team Challenges, which will enable local residents to work together to improve the outdoor green spaces where they live, not only having a positive impact on the environment but also significantly benefiting the residents.

improving quad area

The Quod area at St Peter’s

BVSC’s CSR Development Worker, Stephanie Bloxham who is leading the project said: “Our skills and experience of coordinating Team Challenge Projects combined with the enthusiasm of St Peter’s residents should make for a winning combination. The project is unique in that the hard work will be carried out by the residents’ themselves. Over three separate days they will be transforming three very different green spaces into gardens that the whole community can enjoy, as well as being a haven for wildlife.”

Enid, one of St Peter’s residents who is taking part in the challenge said “I used to love gardening before I moved here, but it’s limited at the moment especially when living in flats. I would like a nicer garden and space to use and enjoy.”

Lisa Baker, Housing Services Manager at St Peter’s said “We’re a small organisation with limited services, so to work in Partnership with BVSC is an opportunity to enhance the quality of our tenants’ lives. Not only will it be a great benefit to the tenants but also the local community, including working with schools to improve the area with an opportunity to learn about wildlife.  This project will be inter-generational, not only involving learning about the environment but also each other. With different people working alongside each other, it’s a unique opportunity.  In a busy world it’s nice to just take time to be with others, to learn and share – it doesn’t happen often enough.”

sensory garden to be improved

The Sensory garden

The project involves a number of planned activities, such as; creating a wildlife garden for birds, bees and butterflies, renovating allotments and adding compost bins and water butts, making the area more environmentally friendly and support residents to grow and share fruit and vegetables, creating a pathway to make the allotments more accessible, and revamping the existing Sunken Garden.

Local schools will also be encouraged to undertake projects in the area helping to sustain and grow the wildlife population.  Through the prohect there will also be increased physical activity and improved health, increased community cohesion, improved skills in the local community and a more sustainable community!

St Peter’s Housing Association is based in Saltley, Washwood Heath, and according to Birmingham City Council’s Index of Multiple Deprivation it is amongst the 5% most deprived wards in the country. The community Some of the local green spaces are in need of some care to make them “better used and enjoyed and more welcoming.”  The Team Challenges will be fully facilitated by BVSC and training will be provided to support residents to own and direct the outcomes and sustainability of the activities. The Team Challenges will leave a lasting resource and improved environment for residents, their visitors and the local community.

Voting takes place during May and June in the following Tesco’s stores:

Tesco Metro, Caxton Gate, B2 5AE
Mailbox Birmingham Express, 150 Wharfside St, B1 1XL
Grand Central Express, B2 4XJ
Corporation St Birmingham Express, B4 6TB
University Express, Aston St, B4 7ET
Hurst St Birmingham Express,Hurst St,B5 4TP
Jewellery Quarter Birmingham Express, 36 Frederick St, B1 3HN
Bathrow Birmingham Express, 165 Granville St, B1 1JW
Birmingham Colmore Express, 8 Colmore Row, B3 2QD
Birmingham Springhill Superstore, Camden St B18 7BH
Birmingham Hockley Express, 10 Hall St, B18 6BB
Birmingham Carrs Ln Express, B4 7SS
Handsworth Oxhill Rd Express, Oxhill Rd, B21 9RR

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