St. Basils launches new text service so young people at risk of homelessness can get fast help for free

St Basils youth homelessness charity has launched a new free text service meaning young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Birmingham can get help fast even if they have no phone credit or data.

All young people need to do to access this help from the charity is text ‘Need St Basils’ to 62277 and they will be phoned back by a trained housing advisor based at St Basils Youth Hub in Digbeth, Birmingham.


St Basils works across Birmingham and surrounding areas with young people aged 16-25 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness helping over 5000 young people per year. The charity has a range of prevention services as well as accommodation and support services and houses over 1200 young people per year.

This new way for young people to get in touch, is in addition to a helpline and ‘get help’ email web form the charity and Youth Hub provide but in the winter months it is more important than ever that young people can get help quickly.

St Basils does a lot of work in the city to prevent youth homelessness. In 2015-16 St Basils Youth Hub prevented 3360 out of a total of 3613 at risk young people from becoming homeless. That’s a rate of 93%. Preventing youth homelessness is achieved through the St Basils family mediation service and the partnerships the charity has with other local charities and services helping young people. The quicker young people can access this raft of services available through the Youth Hub, the higher the chance of preventing youth homelessness.

Jean Templeton, Chief Executive of St Basils said: “We’re calling on members of the public to help spread the word about this new text service to ensure youth people with no safe place to call home can get help as quickly as possible.”

The charity has free pocket sized cards, posters and other tools to help you spread the word. To find out more visit:  

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